Monday, October 31, 2011

my happy list

Inspired by Danielle's post, I bring you:

My Happy List.

+ This clever website that brings all of your instagram photos to your computer. HUZZAH!
+ Amber's blog, I Love You To The Moon. So much joy and love!
+ New tattoo ideas, that I will be getting soon, I hope!
+ A new pair of TOMS arrived in the mail today!
+ Inspiration for a new story I've started writing.
+ My beloved Chuck is back.
+ Trying new yoga poses. And being able to do them!

(Photo found via tumblr.)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things to do this Spring/Summer:

+ Pick fresh flowers and put them in jars and vases around your house
+ Dance on the beach
+ Smile at strangers (you just might make their day)
+ Read more
+ Rearrange your bedroom/house
+ Treat yourself to breakfast in bed
+ Exercise outside in the sun
+ Eat fruit
+ Daydream
+ Enjoy the simple things
+ Tell people you love them
+ Go for a drive with the windows down
+ Take photos
+ Listen to music you love
+ Forget your shoes and walk barefoot
+ Watch a French film (or five)
+ Be happy

(photo found here.)

Daydream Lily x Element Eden

How beautiful are all the clothes in Liss's new collection for Element Eden? I want everything!

And this video? Swoon.

All photos from here & here

Friday, October 7, 2011

100th POST

'Where have I been the last few weeks?' I hear you ask. Nowhere too exciting, but it seems that I have forgotten to update this lovely little blog.

Here is my life in pretty instagram photos:

Bits and pieces of my room.

Tree lined streets from a recent trip to Brisbane

Queen St Mall in Brisbane

Photobooth fun with my lovely friend Rachel.

Scented nailpolish & a day at the beach.