Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Happy December everyone! (All 4 followers!)

As a special Christmas treat, I'm going to do a giveaway, so all of you have a chance to win!

I'll post more about it soon, but all you have to do is comment and you have the chance to win.

(Photo of me, by me.)


  1. Hooray a gift :D and I love that photo Hayley

  2. *runs in late* oooohhhh freeeeebieeee-ness!!
    :D how are you haggz? we should do something in the holidays, fo' realz. Have you got any days free?

  3. Nomes! I'll post more soon! If I remember! Haha. & thanks!

    Emzo! Haha, it's all good! I'm still free on Mondays & Sundays, except I have to work a bit more over these next few weeks. Stupid retail. :( And yes for seeing you in holidays though. Are you thinking of coming overrrrr here?